The Jones

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Bowtiful Ties presents a new, awesome, and yet another double sided tie—The Jones—as in keeping up with the Joneses. The Jones is simple, functional and fits in pretty well in a variety of social situations. One might say it provides a pretty standard social benchmark to adhere to.

The Jones has a slight 'hipster cut' to it, producing a bow that's a little smaller, thinner and trendier than you may expect. You better keep up with the Joneses.

Navy and white polkadots on one side, a pale cream ever-so-slightly-floral pattern on the other. And of course it can be tied in a multitude of different ways.

100% Japanese cotton, exclusive of metal adjustable rings. Handmade in East Lothian, Scotland.

Totally adjustable, fits all neck sizes up to about a 16.5/17″. Larger sizes coming soon.

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