The Dartmouth – Mosenthal Blue

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The Dartmouth is a set of three awesome ties.
Designed exclusively as a big surprise.*
And now they're available for all to wear.
So buy one to try one but do so with care.

Procurable in red or green or plain blue.
In cottony gingham that's summery too.
The tie can be flipped and then what do you see?
A Dartmouth Green cotton on th'back of all three.

So when should you wear such a wonderful bow?
At formals and parties, not events in snow.
So what are you waiting for, buy one and smile
So you can go shout out “Oppa Gingham Style”

Hand made in East Lothian, Scotland with a consulting physician's attention to detail. Totally adjustable, fits all neck sizes from sticky to stocky (about 18″).

* Not really a surprise. Designed for the awesome folks at the Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth.

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