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7/5/2014Le Club des Douze (France/USA) – Selection #67…
le Club des Douze

Noeud papillon ‘made in England’ BOWTIFUL TIES – 35 pounds

5/5/2014Men’s Health (UK)
Mens Health

Beautifully British bow ties from Bowtiful. On show at

5/3/2014GQ (UK) – All Tied Up…
GQ April 2013 Cover

Beautifully British bow ties from Bowtiful. On show at

5/11/2013Vogue (UK) – All I Want for Christmas…
Vogue December 2013 Cover

Bowtiful Ties handmake artisan self-tie bow ties in the UK. Produced in limited, special editions, each design is different and quirky. Most are double-sided, so they can be tied in so many different ways. A fun alternative to the regular tie or an exciting addition to a casual outfit, they make an awesome Christmas gift. On show at

26/4/2013Inter:Mission BristolKatie’s Column: Beat Black-Tie Boredom

“Potential to subtly jazz up the black-tie dress code comes in the form of double-sided print bow ties. Moses Hoyt set up the company in his last year at Cambridge, looking to set up a fun brand that didn’t take itself too seriously. After coming up with ‘a lot of terrible, terrible puns’ (his words not mine) such as ‘bowtie-licious’, ‘burst the bow-bble’ and ‘tie something new’, Moses finally settled on Bowtiful. The ties are handmade in Scotland with plans to expand – their sights are set on making the big-time in the bow tie world. I particularly commend Moses for his ball breaker attitude to those of you that can’t do your own bow ties: simply, its time for you to learn. The ties range from the modest florally print to the all-star, July the 4th special, which will certainly set you apart from the crowd.”

11/5/2013Peter Pedals Cambridge to London Charity Bike Ride

Bowtiful Ties was proud to sponsor two of the prizes for Peter’s charity bike ride.



1/6/2013Peter Pedals Photo Competition

Bowtiful Ties was proud to sponsor one of the prizes for Peter Pedals’ photo competition.

Peter Pedals Photo Comp