Solo Style Bow Tie Video Instruction

Every bow tie company must have one, and now we do too. Yup, I’m talking about a how to tie a bow tie instructional video.

However there is a little downside to everyone and their grandma having one of these videos. Total. Market. Saturation. So we aimed to do something a little different. But first off, what do all these videos have in common? A bow tie, someone’s neck, maybe a friend tying the tie for them, hands getting in the way, nasty pixellation. Check. They’re all part of the youtube bow tie video experience as it were.

So we set out to do something different. Simplify the whole experience. Who are our users? What do they want out of a bow tie video?

Our users

  • Last minute ‘OMG-i-gotta-put-on-a-tux‘ wearers
  • Not so last minute, preparing-for-a-formal-occasion people, who actually have some time on their hands
  • Future bow tie aficionados
  • Giraffes looking for something to decorate their expanse of neck real estate

What do they want?

  • Fast bow tie instruction
  • A video that shows you clearly how a bow tie is tied
  • Something better than the videos already out there
  • A new bow tie?

So how can we go about simplifying this whole debacle? What can we remove from the traditional style videos to improve the experience. #removetoimprove is our current hashtag of thought. The list of ‘what do they want’ above includes no mention of a person. Why should you have to show the tying of a tie on a person? Yes, ultimately you will have to tie the tie on a real person’s neck, but there’s no need to demonstrate it on someone. Especially if it’s going to make it less clear for the viewers. So let’s remove the person. BOOM! Done. Solo style it is.

Now what? There’s still hands potentially in the way. But, they’re hard to remove, unless you’re this guy. Then again if you’re able to move the tie around, giving the coveted multi-angle experience, then hands shouldn’t be an issue. Phew.

What else was there? Nasty pixellation. Nope. We got rid of that. We filmed it all on Canon’s wonderful new(ish) EOS 5D Mark 3 in gorgeous (but not quite breathtaking) 1080p. No nasty pixellation for you.

Well I guess that’s it. We tried to do something different, and I suppose we have. Now it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy Bowtiful’s take on the bow tie instructional video, and then expeditiously share it with all your friends.