Plain Jane – Nantucket Red


Plain Jane. Something newer, oh-so-very-simple, and even more stylish than before.

Plain Jane is the American Apparel of ties. Wonderfully designed, hand-made and marketed in a vertically integrated fashion in sunny East Lothian (not quite downtown LA). No patterns, no garish branding, just plain old Jane.

Plain Jane is here to stay for summer in a bold and classy Nantucket Red. It's soft, it's cotton, it's red, and you bet it'll fade into awesomeness this summer*. In a super traditional and not-too-thick bar end cut, the Nantucket Red Plain Jane will make summer 2013 more like a garden party than you could have ever imagined.

Plain Jane is also available in Jade Green and Baby Blue, just in case Nantucket Red isn't your thing all the time.

A 100% adjustable self-tie bow tie as always. It'll fit all neck sizes from sticky to stocky. You better believe it.

*Lots of fun in the sun required for fading.

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