Flash Gordon Green


Have you ever wanted to stay wonderfully traditional and all-the-while wanted to escape from the crowd? Did you ever want to pimp your neck while wearing black tie? Have you wanted to bring a bright flash of neon into your formal garb?

Now's your chance. Bowtiful presents the most awesome, colourful yet covert, quantum leap in formal attire since white tie. It's black tie, with a neon twist. Like a bright flare, adding some flair to an otherwise quite pleasant but dull formal soirée, Flash Gordon is here to save the day.

Subtle but svelte black silk on one side, and garish, in-your-face neon green silk on the other. Flash Gordon is Bowtiful's alternative to traditional black tie. May Ball season is swiftly approaching, so pimp your neck in neon, grab your champagne flute, and get ready to party.

100% silk awesomeness. Fits all neck sizes from sticky to stocky.

Also available in neon pink, and coming soon in neon blue and neon orange!

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