Dapper Daniel


Dapper Daniel—the wordier and less greasy cousin of Dapper Dan. Blue, pink and blue floral on one side, super pale pink polkadots (pinkadots?) on the other.

In retrospect, Dapper Daniel should probably have shortened his name, but then his cousin beat him to it, and inter family competition seemed mean. For the record though, Dapper Daniel is just as dapper as Dan, maybe even more dapper, especially with his perfectly contrasting Bowtiful tie.

“Don't be a Dapper Dan man, be a Dapper Daniel spaniel” was what he always said. It never really caught on in the same way somehow.

100% Japanese cotton. Hand made with a spaniel-esque attention to detail in East Lothian, Scotland.

Totally adjustable, should fit all neck sizes from sticky to stocky (up to ~ 17″)…

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